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WOW Program

This program ensures all round development in your child through its play-based learning activities like Art and craft, Storytelling, Applied Theatre, Movement & Expression, Kids Yoga and Meditation, Scientific Sound techniques, and much more. Uniqueness of the Program is the way we provide them a hands-on experience for building mindful, empathetic, skillsmart & responsible young citizens of today.

The WOW (Windows of Wonder) program by Lil Dew Drops is our signature program with a structured multi-activity based curriculum and well defined objective to bring about the Life Skill development of the child

Who Can Enroll With Us

Early Childhood is the most intensive period of overall development throughout the lifespan of any human. This is when foundation for learning, health and behavior are laid.


Lil Drew Drops believes in maximizing the support & learning opportunity for a child through our customized curriculum, age appropriate activities and personalized attention.

Age 1.5 - 3 Years

Age 3 to 6 years

Age 7 - 10 Years

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Age 3 - 6 Years


Age 11 - 15 Years

Science Courses
How will your child benefit from WOW PROGRAM?


Improves metabolism, balance & body awareness


Helps develop healthy relationships, empathy and increases altruistic qualities in children.


Brings readiness for learning, self-discipline, and improves attention.


Makes them emotionally stable, tranquil and they learn to ‘Respond, not React!’

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