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About Us

Lil Dew Drops  specializes in PSME (Physical, Social, Mental and Emotional) Development for kids. Our programs and workshops nurture mindfulness and lay the foundation for important life skills in young minds.


We inculcate inward values to transform outward behavior of a child, inspiring them to make right choices through life and bring among their holistic development. Our program help kids identify their interest, enhance their skills, develop their talents and accelerate their growth. We offer a variety of non-school activities throughout the year.

We inspire Lil Champs to explore and engage in different extracurricular activities to promote important developmental skills through diverse enjoyable experiences.

Our program ensures all-round development in your child through its play-based learning activities like Art and craft, Storytelling, Roleplays, Kids Yoga and Meditation, Sound techniques, Interactive brain games.

Kid Painting
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